The history of the 2 Seconds tent

It all started with a remark made by a test-user following a mountain observation session. When asked the question: "Tell us, what would be your dream piece of camping equipment?" one of the participants replied: "a tent that you can throw in the air and that will assemble itself!" The remark made the group laugh but resonated with Jean-Fran├žois Ratel, Quechua's tent product manager at the time.

First prototypes:

The idea was launched in 2003. At that time, there were single-skin pop-up tents on the market, that were easy to pitch, but offered hikers poor quality shelter.

Even so, Jean-Fran├žois and his team decided to set about creating a tent, based on this system. In April 2004, after 6 months' work, the first prototype of a pop-up tent, equipped with a double-skin and bedroom, was ready.

An immediate success

The views of our testers, who had input at each stage of the design,
meant that we were able to market a product that perfectly matched customers' expectations !

The legend that is the 2 Seconds tent took off and met with phenomenal success! The 2 seconds tent is incredibly simple to use and loved by camping enthusiasts.